Injury Prediction

I am able to offer an Assessment to screen for potential problems within the musculo-skeletal system and provide treatment to prevent injury.

Pressure Analysis

The high tech pressure mat allows examination of the plantar pressure through the soles of your feet throughout the gait cycle. It gives detailed analysis of pressure distribution and timing between the left and right foot and of the forefoot to rearfoot relationship. This is especially useful when looking at inequalities in leg length and Asymmetrical  Overload Syndrome.

Digital Pelvic Inclinometer

This tool is used to measure Pelvic torsion and gives more details about Leg Length Inequality and whether it is Structural or Functional. Subsequently from this a better understanding is gained of the role of the pelvis in the development of repetitive injury.

Muscle Energy Techniques

This is a form of stretching used to lengthen postural muscles resulting in improved function and reduction in pain. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles cause muscles to shorten when seated for long  periods ,this plays a major part in creating muscle imbalance within the body and a consequent lengthening of the antagonistic muscles, which eventually results in a change in function and the development of pain.

Compex Neuromuscular stimulator

A machine which is used to stimulate muscles and can be used for pain management or as a stimulator to improve muscle function and strength after injury. This can be rented to enable you to continue your treatment at home.